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17 de agosto de 2015 | Volumen 90, Número 21


The Spiritual Clock

Have you ever had déjà vu? Have you ever had the feeling that you have been in a particular place before but know that you really have never been there? Do you look at someone and feel like you know them from somewhere? Did you have a dream about something that happened in real life after the fact? As part of this interrogative rhetoric, it has been said that “The beauty of collaboration between older and younger generations is that we combine strength with wisdom — a surefire way to accomplish more for the glory of God.” Therefore, “Let us crush these so-called biological clocks that give us nothing but fear, and encourage us to make stupid decisions. Let us crush these biological clocks that hurt us and rob us of the fabulous lives that Jesus died to give us. These clocks that not only hurt us, but hurt many generations after us. It is time. We need you.” While this last quote may leave us with more questions than answers, it does make a good point in regards to exploring the tick-tock of a clock we hardly recognize anymore as adults. Our spiritual clock, the invisible alarm we carry in our unseen self, is a reality that connects us to a greater network in the self that can be seen. In other words, the interconnectedness within the mystical body of Christ becomes the spiritual highway between us and God as well as ourselves with one another.

This interconnectedness not only transcends time and space but also generational ties. The Bible has provided ample examples in regards to the importance of generational links and its impact. However, the quote that sticks out the most is found in Jeremiah 17:5 which states “Thus says the Lord: Cursed is the man who trusts in man and makes flesh his strength, whose heart turns away from the Lord.” While the generational associations in books like Deuteronomy, Ezekiel and Genesis speak about the iniquity of man and its effects on future generations, it is in Jeremiah where the emphasis is found more in the iniquity of making your physical self a god. When this occurs, the biological clock gets placed at a level that inadvertently denigrates the spiritual clock we were born with. As a result, the connecting factor between generations dissolves and we become susceptible to making the same exact mistakes that our ancestors made.

So… you are probably thinking what does this mean to me? Current generations living in the United States with immigrant backgrounds must be mindful of their spiritual clock. Remain present in Christ within the framework of the Holy Spirit and Grace of God. Listen with your heart to His love language so that you may impart that language to those around you no matter what their biological clock is dictating in their lives. Many who live in the world only listen and understand a short-term language that provides nothing more than temporary assistance to the disabled heart and soul. Ask your elders questions about their lives and experiences because it becomes spiritual nutrition. Observe your loved ones and see with your own eyes a piece of you beating in a separate body with its own special spiritual clock. Grandparents look at your children and grand-children and live out what it means to be you in God’s eyes. Parents look at your parents and children and live out what it means to be you in Christ. Children look at your grandparents and parents and live out what it means to be you in His Spirit. The beauty in this collaboration between ourselves and others, the déjà vu’s and all those feelings that cannot be explained with the intellect are the nuts and bolts of the internal clock we carry in Christ and our community.


graphic conferencia formacion del adulto


graphic: women on the wya conference


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