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14 de septiembre de 2015 | Volumen 90, Número 23


graphic: hola catolicaVoces de Nuestra Comunidad

As a first generation of my Hispanic family to be born in the United States, the most efficient method of translating between English and Spanish became part of my never-ending quest to integrate parallel communities in which I grew up. Ever since childhood, I became the bridge between my parents and the English speaking community. With the mastery that only a native English speaker can possess, I became the make-shift liaison. This became such an integral part of my existence that I felt I could not let them interact with others unless I was there providing my interpretive services.

As time moved on and technology evolved, I came to realize that connecting across the boundaries of language required a complex understanding of the culture as well as the language. The symbiotic relationship between language and culture helped me appreciate that my Hispanic-American experience was not a moment in time that would fade into memory but a continuously evolving reality that changes and transitions. For me, this transition took place in a larger context, the truth found in God’s grace.

My experience is not unique, many Hispanic-Americans share a similar journey. The Hispanic-American child carries on their shoulders the responsibility not only to be able to fully participate in those elements of American society foreign to their parents, but must also be able to actively engage in the cultural truths that form their Hispanic heritage. In this ideal world both of these realities could co-exist peacefully but, for the most part, it is a struggle. How does one mix arroz con frijoles with hamburgers and hot dogs? How can one show others to dance salsa and merengue, while the English speaking community adds it to a table as a dip and a pie respectively? Where do we start to help these two sides of us become truly neighbors? There is no cookie-cutter answer to this dilemma but there is one component that can provide much needed relief to this situation: God.

As Hispanic American Catholics either from birth and family tradition, or through a personal response to God’s call, or both, we are bearers of an understanding that many will never find, unless they step outside themselves. We are the lucky ones. We have already been exposed to the richness of a tradition instilled within the womb of our faith. The complex history of our Christian faith can become a natural stepping stone toward a cultural diversity that encompasses the various aspects of our public and private lives. It can provide us with wisdom that helps to navigate our cultural identity through the many challenges we may face. In other words, it is possible to have arroz con frijoles at the same table with hamburgers and hotdogs. Our faith can create the space needed to indulge in a round of salsa and merengue lessons while you can dip chips and have dessert later at the same event. Our faith enables us to sort through all these complexities, by providing a foundational understanding of what it really means to be us. Therefore, we need to be the educators, teach others about this experience we so proudly possess. We must be willing to share this with others who truly want to walk in the richness of both faith and culture.


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Charlottesville Church of the Incarnation 434.973.4381 domingo 1:30 pm
Christiansburg Holy Spirit 540.921.3547 domingo 1:00 pm
Clarksville St. Catherine of Siena 434.374.8408 domingo 1:00 pm
Danville Sacred Heart 434.792.9456 domingo 11:30 am
Hampton St. Joseph 757.851.8800 domingo 2:00 pm
Harrisonburg Blessed Sacrament 540.434.4341 domingo 1:00 pm y jueves 7:00 pm
Lovingston St. Mary 434.263.8509 domingo 11:30 am
Lynchburg Holy Cross 434.846.5245 domingo 2:00 pm
Marion St. John 273.783.7282 domingo 1:30 pm
Martinsville St. Joseph 276.638.4779 domingo 11:45 pm
Newport News Our Lady of Mount Carmel 757.595.0385 domingo 2:00 y jueves 6:30 pm
Norfolk Holy Trinity 757.480.3433 domingo 1:00 pm
Onley St. Peter the Apostle 757.787.4592 domingo 12:30 pm
Prince George Church of the Sacred Heart 804.732.3685 domingo 1:00 pm
Portsmouth Holy Angels 757.485.2142 domingo 1:30 pm
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St. Augustine
Our Lady of Lourdes
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Roanoke St. Gerard 540.343.7744 domingo 12:15 pm
South Hill Good Shepherd 434.447.3622 sábado 7:15 pm
Tappahannock St. Timothy 804.443.2760 domingo 12:00 pm
Virginia Beach St. Gergory
St. Luke
757.497.8330 757.427.5776 sábado 7:30 pm
domingo 12:00 pm
Wiliamsburg St. Bede 276.229.3631 domingo 2:00 pm
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